PRESTON MOORE – Owner/founder/Twitter adminimg_4881 

Lover of Star Wars, the Dallas Cowboys, and all things Disney. I am the owner/co-founder/bossman/head honcho/big cheese/top dog of Geek Motivation, so you can let me know if it sucks. Find me on Twitter, Instagram, and WordPress.


JORDAN HUMPHREY – Chief Brand OfficerBarista, gamer, entertainer, comic book enthusiast, none of the rest matters. Also, as the Chief Brand Officer, I make sure the brand looks nice and regularly come up with ideas on how to improve the brand look of Geek Motivation. Find me on Twitter and Instagram.


CHRISTIAN HUBBARD – Social Media Administrator

I oversee everything posted and published to Geek Motivation social media accounts, making sure all content on all platforms is coherent, appropriate and released in a professional and timely manner. I’m a mega nerd with a life long passion for superheroes and all things nerdy. College Graduate, but my DVD collection is what I’m most proud of. “I only act like I know everything, Rogers.” #TeamCap. Find me on Twitter and Instagram.


JAMES HOWEY – Content Manager

I’m 24 years old. I’m from Leavenworth, Kansas. I go to Northwest Missouri State and I’m currently working on a major in mass media: sports media. Sports and film are my two biggest passions. My favorite film of all-time is The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King. My favorite fictional character is Godzilla. Along with being a writer for Geek Motivation, I’m also the Content Manager for the site. I gather and make decisions on what news and information is written about on the site. Find me on Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat.


CECILIA LÓPEZ CLOSS – Head of Creative DesignCreative Designer for Geek Motivation. My job is to design cool stuff for GM. Nerd. Love both DC & Marvel (don’t make me choose). Avid TV & films watcher, gamer, reader, musician. Metalhead. Find me on Twitter and Instagram.


LUKE HUNGERFORD – Podcast Cohost

10% kit kats, 90% burritos, 100% poor artist. I draw comics on instagram, and talk about comics in all of my spare time. I’m cool because I have a katana and can do a backflip. Also co-host of the official podcast of Geek Motivation with my good buddy Zach.


ZACH BRIGGS – Podcast Cohost13% Hamilton facts, 22% Moes, 12% Disney, 30% Superhero trivia, 9% loves a killer brass section, 13% peanut butter, 1% better than Luke at Math. Co-host of the official Geek Motivation Podcast with my pal Luke. Find me on Twitter.


RAYMOND VINUYA – EditorA journalist in progress, first time writer, and a man of geek culture. I love music, film, and sports. I am a writer and editor for Geek Motivation, ensuring we deliver fast, clean, well-written news and articles! Find me on Twitter and Instagram.


ALEX DONAHUE – Instagram AdminGeek Motivation Instagram admin. Lover of superheroes, Transformers, Fast and Furious, and many more. Country, rock, and orchestrated music are my favorite music genres. Find me on Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat.


JAKE MOODY – YouTube ManagerJake Moody is an aspiring filmmaker and comic book creator. He has been passionate about storytelling for as long as he can remember, and believes art (no matter what level of seriousness) can seriously help heal the world. Some of his favorite things include Back to the Future paradox discussions, finding literally every easter egg in whatever movie, bashing on the prequels, and long walks on the beach. He is currently working towards a degree in Visual Media Studies and a minor in Creative Writing from the University of Redlands. Find him on Twitter.



I used to wear my mother’s hooded coat and pretend I was a wise Jedi master. The latter part is still true. Mega-nerd that has a place in his heart for all things ‘geek.’ People lover, and an avid fan of books, movies and soccer. #PineappleBelongsOnPizza. Find me on Twitter and Instagram.



Actor, musician, writer. Avid fan of super heroes, David Bowie, and Wu-Tang Clan. Find me on Twitter and Instagram.


BRO FORCE SQUAD – WriterThree Bros scattered across the country who love talking superheroes, movies, and superhero movies with the people out there that make watching them all so much fun. Find us on Twitter, YouTube, and


DANIELLE GONZALEZ – Writerfullsizeoutput_15Just an awkward gal who loves theatre, superheroes, Disney, heelying, potatoes, and Grant Gustin. I can also do a coffee grinder which is pretty cool.

ERNESTO VALENZUELA – WriterErnesto is a writer who lives in El Paso, Texas. He loves watching movies and reading comic books and writing about himself in the third person. Find him on Twitter and Instagram.


GRACIE POWELL – WriterYou can always find me with my nose in comic book television/movies, sheet music, or with my dachshund Roscoe. Am also always up to jam session of Earth, Wind, and Fire. Find me on Twitter and Instagram.



Family and friends are the priority, but I find a way to fit my love for sports, movies, video games, and music into my life. We aren’t guaranteed enough time in this world, so I like to appreciate every second and make the most of it. It’s all love from me. Never stop looking for inspiration. Find me on Twitter.


MIKE GUIMOND – WriterI took a ride in a DeLorean to new, marvelous worlds created in film, video games, comic books and TV. Admirer and dreamer of everything that falls under the umbrella of science fiction, action, romance and drama. Find me on Twitter.

RAY – Writer

Lover of nature, peace and silence. Nocturnal. You can probably find me stargazing at nights.


GONZALO ESTIGARRIBIA – Animator: 20 years old, Asuncion, Paraguay. Pretty awesome guy who loves to play guitar, piano, drums, beatbox, body percussion, etc. (currently I’m mastering a the complete soundtrack of the classic Mario Bros). I also love sci-fi, horror, superhero, anime, comedy and thriller movies. I’m a really big fan of Mortal Kombat and other gore games, but lately I’ve been playing all type of video games (even Just Dance). I work in a lot of things, but in the last 4 years, I’ve been working with visual arts and motion graphics and VFX. Nowadays, this is my passion, but I never leave my other passions behind. I know that’s a lot of information, but that’s just a part of me, my lovely geek-nerdy part!

DIP BARUA – Writer: A nerd who loves all types of movies, Marvel, DC, Star Wars, Disney etc.


FAZ DZULKEFLI – Writer: A grey jedi stuck in the Batcave with Dick Grayson. Can be found hugging a cat, death-staring a book, or crying at films.


JACK DOUGLASS – Writer: 18, trying to figure life out. Writing everyday, lover of superheroes, Canadian ,and I want to travel the world.


KEEKA P. – Writer: Not too sure how I would describe myself. I’m Canadian. I’m a nerd who enjoys MCU, J.R.R Tolkien books & the movie adaptions, bees, and reading. My favourite comic book character hands down is Captain America. Find me on Twitter.


RAY – Writer: Lover of nature, peace and silence. Nocturnal. You can probably find me stargazing at nights.


OBSERVEMAN – Writer: Lover of Superheroes, New York Sports (Yankees, Mets, Giants, Jets, Knicks, Nets, Rangers and Islanders). Violets are blue, roses are red, and for centuries to me, you have been dead.


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