Furious 7 Review

Buckle up folks, it’s going to be an emotional ride.

In 2015, Director James Wan gave audiences a final farewell to the beloved Paul Walker, and his fan favorite Brian O’Connor with a heartfelt tribute in Furious 7. I’m sure we all know the tragic details surrounding Walker’s passing, and at the time this felt like a film that had more importance than your typical summer blockbuster. For the first time in this franchise I found myself not clogging my arteries in theater by guzzling popcorn, but reaching for the tissues as we said an emotional goodbye.

Furious 7 takes  us on a ride that makes little to no sense at any point, but is so visually stunning that we can’t even pretend like we’re not entertained. With a plot that dares you not to laugh at its inconsistencies, the film knows what it is and plays to its strengths of fun characters in outlandish situations, all while not taking itself too seriously until it absolutely needs to. Jason Statham is the latest actor to don the mantle of arch nemesis to Dom Toretto and his crew, and he is able to be brooding enough to make it believable that he could stand toe to toe with Dwayne Johnson.

In summation, Furious 7 will be remembered as an important film for the legacy of Paul Walker, and one that marked the achievements of this franchise to date. While fighting an uphill battle all production, James Wan was able to churn out a solid summer blockbuster with a great closing message. On our Geek Motivation grading scale it clocks in at a 3: A movie with just as many negatives as positives.

Written by: The Bro Force Squad

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