New Punisher Suit Revealed In Set Photos

It has come to my attention that Jon Bernthal has had a few leaked set photos of him in a new suit! The overall look of Bernthal’s Frank Castle is rather unique compared to Dolph Lundgren (The Punisher 1989), Thomas Jane (Punisher 2004), and Ray Stevenson (Punisher: War Zone 2008). He is sporting a more modern men’s haircut with a higher top and shorter sidC9SnPEEXcAE06eWes and back.

Nothing is actually shown or given away in these photos. I would say that Frank has been through a fight scene or two, and maybe he found the person or thing he was looking for. Or maybe this will be some moment when Frank is contemplating on what he should do next.

The Punisher is reported to be released sometime this year. Personally, I expect this to be readily available sometime between October-December. I believe that October would be an awesome month because The Defenders will come out on August 18, Inhumans will be showing a couple episodes in theaters on September 1 then go to ABC, Agents of SHIELD will likely be renewed in the coming months for a fifth season on ABC in September, and Thor: Ragnarok will have its release on November 3. A four month streak of Marvel releases would be amazing. The market may be saturated with this company, but I do not see them stopping because fans want MORE!


Comic book Frank CastlePunisher-in-Marvel-Comics2

Movie adaptations

Source: Fantastik C. Marvel’s Twitter


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