Rumor Saying There Will Be 4 Batman Movies in 2019 Debunked by DC Films Boss.

Rumors were coming out of Warner Brothers’ DC camp saying that the film executives were planning on releasing 4 (!) Batman- centric movies in 2019, starting the year off with Gotham City Sirens, followed by Nightwing, Batgirl, and closing with Matt Reeves’ The Batman. With Batman always having been a hot property at DC, and certainly being the leading figure in their film endeavors , “The year of the Bat” was something fans might have been looking forward to.

Alas, it seems, we can’t have all good things. Not yet anyways. DC films co-head, and Warner Brothers Vice-President Jon Berg seemingly debunked these rumors, in a tweet to Geoff Johns:

DC film co-head Geoff Johns then replied with the following.

With very clear undertones of sarcasm, the tweets all but deny that there have been any kind of executive decision on releasing multiple Batman-centric films in 2019.

Sources: Games RadarBatman News

Written By: Adel Naqvi

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