The Flash Season 3: Who Will Betray Team Flash Theory Roundup

SPOILER Warning for Season 3 of The Flash:

This season of the The Flash features Savitar as the main villain. In episode 9, he revealed that one member of Team Flash shall fall, one shall betray, and one shall suffer a fate worse than death. In episode 15, we saw Wally suffer the fate worse than death by being trapped in an endless loop in the Speedforce. At this moment, Iris is the one who is to fall. However, we haven’t seen who is to betray the team. There are many suspects, so here is a breakdown of all of them:

Image result for caitlin snow
Caitlin Snow

Caitlin Snow is probably the most likely candidate to betray. Earlier this season, we saw Caitlin go full Killer Frost for an episode. Barry was able to bring her back and she started using a necklace to control her powers. At the end of the most recent episode “Abra Kadabra”, Caitlin was on the verge of death when Julian Albert took off her necklace so her powers could revive her. Unfortunately, Killer Frost was fully unleashed, leaving the return of the Caitlin we all know and love unclear. Caitlin betraying the team would make sense as Killer Frost doesn’t restrain from hurting those she cares for. She hurt Barry, and shot at Cisco in episode 7 which clearly shows how “Killer” she can be. However, would Killer Frost betraying Team Flash be a real betrayal? She would be evil, and most likely not have to deal with the tension in Team Flash as she would not be with them.

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Joe West

Joe West is one of the most beloved characters on the show and it might seem shocking to see him betray the team. That would be a big twist that would certainly leave viewers shaken up. Iris is meant to die to Savitar and Joe has shown that he will do anything to stop Savitar. In episode 18 “Abra Kadabra”, he frees Abra Kadabra behind Team Flash’s back, which is what lead to Caitlin’s injury and her becoming Killer Frost again. What if that was his betrayal? If not, he could do something to stop Iris’ death and cause someone else to suffer. Joe betraying Team Flash may also cause some tension in his relationship with Cecile.

Image result for H.R. Wells
H.R. Wells

One of two new additions to Team Flash this year has been HR Wells, the Earth-19 doppelgänger of Harrison Wells. While he has brought a more joyful and cheerful side to Wells, he may be hiding something. After he lied to Team Flash on who he really was, people speculated that he could betray the team. Whenever Savitar talks to HR, he always seems to be angry at him in a different way than he is at Barry. Apart from Savitar calling him the fake Wells, and a coward who survives his wrath, Team Flash tends to mistreat HR, and even his doppelganger, Harry, calling him a moron. HR’s past is also very much unknown and would continue the tradition of Wells betraying Team Flash. However, this would be repeating what we’ve seen in the past with other versions of Harrison Wells, and we all know how people complained about Barry’s friend secretly being the villain of the season.

Well, those seem to be the most likely candidates. Wally already fulfilled one of the prophecies, Cisco betraying would be less developed than Caitlin, Joe, or HR, Julian seems to have turned over a new leaf, and lastly, Barry and Iris betraying the team would not fit story wise. Who do you think betrays Team Flash, and what consequences would it have?

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