Is Hugh Jackman the Easter Bunny? An Investigation:

We here at Geek Motivation have come across evidence that seems to lead to something nobody thought could be possible: that Hugh Jackman is the Easter Bunny. Some of us were skeptical at first, but the amount of evidence we uncovered proved us otherwise. Jackman himself voiced the Easter Bunny in Rise of the Guardians circa 2012. That itself is one of the many pieces of evidence we uncovered. 

The easter bunny had a rugged and tough feel, much like another hero we have seen Jackman play, Wolverine. We came across this picture of Wolverine before editing was done to the frame: 

Everyone knows our furry friends love carrots. Well, the Easter Bunny must love them as well! One of our other Geek Motivation writers came across another unedited frame from another piece of film:At this point, the evidence is surefire. Here is what Zach Briggs had to say about this picture:

“Why is he sad? Not because Jean and Scott are hugging in the background, but because he must hide who he truly is to the world.”

Wow, the dude has a point. If I couldn’t be myself, I know I’d be pretty depressed myself. Then, another fellow writer Christian Hubbard had some theories…

“The little bunny in Rise of the Guardians is the bunnification of X-23. His heart outside of his body.”

The evidence seems to stack with the movies, but it also follows Jackman back to himself. If you take a look at the weaponry the Easter Bunny has, you will see a boomerang, a traditional hunting instrument used in Australian history. Well, Hugh Jackman is from Australia… I know by this point, your head has probably exploded, BUT THERE IS MORE. If you take a look back at the two side by side (obviously edited for our use, they’ve never been seen at the same time), they both have a lean build, they both have somewhat of a smug expression that look a lot alike. Plus, their stature and height might as well be the same. More evidence shows itself in this GIF:

A quick look at this GIF means nothing. But if you take into account the scenery and the tone, it is literally a copy and paste from the heartbreaking end of Logan. Jackman’s sadness in Logan‘s finale is nearly identical to that of the Easter Bunny shown in the GIF.

The evidence has been laid out before you, do what you wish with the details. But I, for one, will defend this and believe this forever. We here at Geek Motivation are not conspiracy theorists, we just come across evidence that no other page will write over. Like how some of the other mutants in the X-Men universe are creatures from legend. Nightcrawler is Santa, Archangel is Toothfairy, Xavier is Father Time, Ice Man is Mr.Frost and Storm is Mother Nature. Just think about it. And of course, Wolverine is the Easter Bunny.

Have a happy Easter everyone!

– Jordan and the Geek Motivation team.

Written by Jordan Humphrey, Chief Brand Officer and writer for Geek Motivation


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