Chris Pratt Up For Continuing With Marvel

Chris Pratt (AKA Star-Lord) recently said in an interview with SlashFilm that he is up for continue working at Marvel and renew his contract when he finishes working on Guardians Vol. 3. 

When asked about continuing his contract, he said:

SlashFilm: Do you know how many movies are left on your contract?

Chris Pratt: Yes.

SF: Can you tell me?

CP: I’ll tell you, as much as I love Marvel, it doesn’t matter how many I have contracted, because I’m going to continue to work with them.

SF: I was going to ask if you were interested in re-upping when your contract expires.

CP: Totally, dude. I want to – I love working with them. I’m going to continue to work with them whether they like it or not. Even if they write me out, I’m going to show up on set and be like, ‘Hey, man!’ They’re done. They don’t get to shake me.

Rumor is that the Guardians will be disbanded after the third installment of the franchise so it would be interesting to see what Star-Lord is going to be doing without the rest of his team. Will he be with a different team? Will he be on a nice father-son bonding trip? Will he be on earth as part of the New Avengers? We’ll just have to see!

In the meantime, make sure to check out Star-Lord and the rest of the Guardians in Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2 in U.S. theaters May 5th. 

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