NBC Pulls Powerless From Thursday Night Schedule.

Superheros and comic-book lore have truly set their mark on modern day pop culture and the entertainment industry. With a fan-following like no other, the presence of Marvel and DC on both the small and big screens is second to none.

With the studios seemingly announcing movies and TV-shows to no end, this is a genre that, contrary to the beliefs of some, shows no intent on slowing down any time soon. Despite its successful blueprint, there have been instances of unique takes on the superhero universes. One such is the comedic take on the DC universe, NBC’s Powerless. 

Opening back in February of this year, the show has failed to make a splash in the mainstream, as shown by it’s steady decline in viewership. With the first season still not having aired in its entirety (only 9 episodes of its 11-episode season have aired), NBC has pulled the show from its scheduled airtime. Show executive producer Patrick Schumacker had this to say about the schedule change:

Despite the network still not officially having cancelled the show, such can be inferred by Schumacker’s tweet.

Whether the remaining episodes are aired or not remains to be seen, though producer Schumacker is hopeful:

Sources: TV series finaleNBC

Written by: Adel Naqvi


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