Alien: Covenant Prologue Trailer Released

Alien day brought us another look at Alien: Covenant.

The next installment of the Alien franchise is less than a month away and a new prologue style trailer for the film was just released by 20th Century Fox. The trailer shows what happened to Elizabeth Shaw (Noomi Rapace) and David (Michael Fassbender) after they left LV-223 in Prometheus.

The beginning of the trailer is narrated by David and details that Shaw has fixed David by attaching his head back to his body. David talks about how he has never received compassion from a person like this before. Shaw sets course for the home world of the engineers and goes into cryosleep with David telling her he’ll wake her when they arrive. After she goes to sleep David says, “I learned of their ways and awaited our arrival.”




When they arrive on the planet, David goes to view all the engineers looking up at the ship which looks like is preparing to drop the cylinder’s dark liquid from Prometheus on them. Before the trailer ends you hear David say, “Look on my Works, ye Mighty and despair!” This line is from the poem Ozymandias, which David has probably read during his time in space.


This of course feeds into the speculation that David is responsible for the creation of the Xenomorphs by releasing the dark liquid on the engineers and conducting further experiments to create life. Many people have also speculated that Shaw could have been experimented on by David and could be a Xenomorph Queen in the new film.

Alien: Covenant hits theaters May 19.

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Written by: James Howey

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