Arrow 5×19 Dangerous Liaisons Spoiler Review


Arrow has returned from its hiatus along with the Flash, and Supergirl. This episode of Arrow focuses on Felicity’s storyline with Helix coming to a climax.

The episode opens up in an arcade where cops and Team Arrow are moving in on Prometheus. They fail to catch him when it looked certain that he would be trapped. Felicity’s friend at Helix knocks out a member of Argus, accidentally killing him in the process. She takes a keycard from him and leaves a fake one behind. Team Arrow almost foils Helix’s plan to grab the second keycard, but Felicity tells Diggle to have Oliver stand down. Diggle and Lyla struggle when Diggle finds out that she is turning into Amanda Waller. He doesn’t want her to turn to the dark side. Team Arrow and ARGUS try to set a trap for Helix, but they attack a separate location where they free a hacker who could help Felicity. Oliver has a gun pointed at Helix, but Felicity steps in the way and traps him. Felicity is given the tech needed to find Chase, but she also loses her membership as a member of Helix. She finds Chase and the episode ends with an explosion as Chase is at the bunker.

Meanwhile, Renee and Quentin are busy talking to the families of the victims of Prometheus. Quentin asks Renee why he never went to visit his daughter to which Renee responds with a story. He was drunk and tried to reheat a soup for his daughter. He passed out and woke up to screaming. His daughter had dropped the soup and burned herself. Later Quentin arranges a meeting with his daughter and Renee. Renee decides to check out Curtis’ lawyer friend and get her back. He finally says thank you to Quentin.

So this was a solid episode to start off the ending of the season. Felicity’s storyline this season has been great and should make comic book fans forget about season 4. Felicity now has a device to track Chase, assuming she didn’t lose it in the EMP. The next episode will focus on her and Oliver’s relationship as they are trapped in the bunker.

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