The Flash Season 3: Savitar Theory Roundup Final Version. 

Warning! Spoilers for The Flash Season 3. So one of the mysteries of Season 3 of The Flash is the identity of the God of Speed, Savitar. With the trailer for the next episode of The Flash, I Know Who You Are, being released, we now know that Savitar’s identity will be revealed in the next episode.

Here are some theories on who is in the silver suit.

Ronnie Raymond
This theory is a relatively new one that has become very popular due to ending to episode 19 The Once and Future Flash. Savitar revealed himself to Killer Frost but not to the audience. Killer Frost’s reaction led us to believe that Ronnie is Savitar. However, Savitar knows all about each member of Team Flash and Ronnie “died” in season 1. How would Ronnie know about HR, Wally, and about Cisco’s encounters with his earth 2 doppleganger, Reverb? Savitar has many powers that other speedsters don’t have yet. Is one of them using the speed force to find out info about people?

Eddie Thawne
Just like Ronnie Raymond, Eddie Thawne died in season 1 of The Flash. Many speculated that he would return as a villain later on. What if he is Savitar? Eddie may be jealous of Barry for stealing Iris and maybe being trapped in the speed force drived him crazy. Maybe he was sent back in time when the wormhole opened up at the end of season 1. However this theory is unlikely as Caitlin’s reaction to seeing the God of Speed’s identity would not fit Eddie as she and Eddie weren’t close at all.

Harrison Wells
There have been many versions of Harrison Wells to appear on The Flash, Earth 1 Wells, Eobard Thawne masquerading as Wells, Earth 2 Wells, and HR. We saw HR in the future, he is fine. It’s not Eobard Wells. That leaves the original Earth 1 Harrison Wells. What if flashpoint caused Wells to be taken out of the timeline and saved from Thawne’s wrath. What motivation would Wells have against Barry? Maybe because of the death to Tess Morgan, Wells’ future wife. Seeing Wells may or may not shake Caitlin as she probably never knew him.

Future Flash
The final and most common theory is that Future Flash/ Barry Allen is Savitar. Savitar always says “I am the future, Flash” but what if it’s really “I am the Future Flash.” We saw Barry in the year 2024, is it possible that he would go onto being driven crazy and becoming Savitar. Future Flash also has a costume that glows blue just like Savitar. Future Flash would also know everything about Team Flash. Future Flash would also shock Caitlin.
Who do you think is the God of Speed?

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