Who’s Your Favorite Superhero?

We tweeted out earlier asking who your favorite superhero is and why, and everyone who replied is going to be featured in an article (this one in fact). Here’s all the tweets you lovely people sent to us 🙂 Happy #NationalSuperHeroDay!

@LBrandgard: Red Hood. He’s such an interesting character!

@JedIrem: captain america because he fights for freedom and equality!

@Observerman24: Spider-Man because he’s the most relatable and I grew up watching spectacular spider man

@Gpal146: love Love LOVE Ant-Man, his powers are completely awesome and I enjoy his storyline.

@Danielle_R5: The Flash because his whole life he fought for justice and I just think he’s such a strong smart character with cool powers!

@deadpoolsbutt: Hawkeye because I too don’t wanna do anything I have to do   (A/N love the username)

@adelnaqvi: Spider-Man. Cuz he’s secretly Peter Parker.

@__keeka__: Hands down, Captain America. Because he was one of the first superhero I watched on the big screen.

Thanks to everyone who replied which helped make this article. (Remember to watch out for more interactive tweets in the future for a chance to possibly be featured in an article.)

Thanks for reading this #FanShare article, you can follow me on Twitter: @__keeka__ . Don’t forget to follow Geek Motivation!

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