Gotham 3×16 Heroes Rise These Delicate and Dark Obsessions Review!


Gotham season 3 has entered it’s later half and is sure to bring many great things. In last week’s episode of Gotham we saw Edward Nygma fully take on the Riddler persona and call himself that. We also saw the Court of Owls kidnap Bruce and place fake Bruce to masquerade as him in Wayne Manor. Bruce woke up in a cell that had a view of mountains. Oswald was also rescued by Ivy and has to kill someone.

The episode’s main focus is on the Court of Owls bringing in a weapon to destroy Indian Hill. They have a meeting where they unanimously choose to use the weapon. Meanwhile, Jim is notified of this and digs into his father’s murder to discover the “drunk” driver would have died had he drank 0.1 drop of liquid. Falcone is revealed to have payed the lawyer for the driver and reveals that Frank ordered the hit on his dad. Frank tells Jim that Deck 9C is where they’ll bring in the weapon, so Jim asks Barbara to find out info. She tortures a guy and finds out that the cart came in last week. Then a man comes in and almost kills all of them. The weapon is something from Indian Hill, a monster. Frank has Jim come to his house where he is supposed to murder him. Frank shoots himself and tells Jim to join the Court. Jim leaves to talk with the Court of Owls.

Meanwhile, Oswald isn’t fond of Ivy and tries to escape. Ivy helps Oswald by bringing him a loyal henchman named Gabe. Oswald ignores Ivy’s suspicion of Gabe and he ends up kidnapped. He is supposed to be bid off to the highest bidder to be murdered. Ivy saves him by using her perfume to trick one of Gabe’s goons into killing everyone but Gabe. Oswald tries to get him to be loyal again, but fails and kills him. Ivy and Oswald plan to use the Indian Hill freaks to fight Nygma and Barbara.

Lastly, Bruce wakes up to an old man who needs Bruce’s help. Bruce ends up running though a maze which is just one corridor. The man uses something to get Bruce to re-experience his parents’ murder. Bruce tries to fight the man, but gets his you know what kicked. The man says that Bruce will be a symbol of fear and has a lot to learn.

Overall this was a solid episode of Gotham. The pacing was well done, as the storylines fitted in nicely and didn’t jump around like flees from human to human. The highlight of the episode was Penguin and Ivy. One thing Gotham had done well is taking two villains and having them become friends for awhile. Their relationship is fun to watch. On next week’s episode, Mr. Freeze, Firefly and Ivy will aid Penguin against The Riddler, Barbara and Tabitha, while Bruce continues to learn and the Court closes in.

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