The Flash 3×20 I Know Who You Are – Review

WARNING SPOILERS for The Flash season 3. 

The Flash season 3 is coming down to the wire and that means that the Savitar plot is going to start to move fast. Last episode had Barry go to the future to get help from his future self. We also saw Caitlin ally her self with Savitar who revealed his identity to her. 

The main story of the episode opens up with Barry talking to Savitar saying that he knows who Savitar is. Then we see all the events leading up to it. Barry tells team Flash about Tracy Brand, a Nobel Prize winner in the future. They go to her on campus and try to convince her that her work is important. Then they are attacked by Killer Frost. HR and Tracy end up meeting at Jitters where they talk about her work. Also, they name drop a coffee named Zoom. She believes that there is something that is manipulated when speedsters run, which HR terms the speed force. Caitlin then attacks her with Barry and Cisco fighting her off. Caitlin flies off using her ice powers and Barry lures her into a trap. Cisco doesn’t fire his vibe powers and ends up with Barry getting an icicle to the leg. The team reveals everything about her future to her and she leaves for some motivation. HR motivates her to keep striving to being a genius. Killer Frost kidnaps Cecile and forces Team Flash into a warehouse. Then she repeats everything Barry is about to say. She knows what they were planning and sets an explosive off that Cisco escapes from. Savitar runs in and takes Caitlin. Tracy thinks that Savitar’s suit keeps him from traveling so fast that the energy kills him and that is how she could trap him using the suit’s power.

Meanwhile, a side storyline in the episode is Cecile and Joe’s relationship. Apparently they are both going for the marathon and after a run Cecile says, “I love you.” Joe contemplates telling her about Team Flash. He ends up breaking up with her at his place, but then Killer Frost kidnaps her. They make up and she now knows everything. Cisco and Julian also clash with Cisco hesitating against attacking Caitlin out of the fear that he’ll kill her. Julian believes in Cisco and he obviously stops Caitlin.

Oh boy the big reveal. So Wally was on Earth 3 with Jessie and Barry starts puzzling the pieces of who Savitar is. Savitar takes off his suit…. to reveal….. Barry Allen with a half scarred face. 

So the episode was done well with a lot of great character moments such as HR and Tracy, Cisco and Julian and Joe and Cecile. HR is clearly trying to woo Tracy and it was nice to see Cecile again. As for the Savitar reveal, it asks many questions such as why would future Barry want to kill Iris if he experienced the hardship of doing so? So many questions, yet so little answers. 

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