Arrow 5×20 Underneath – Review


Arrow Season 5 has been very successful after a season 4 that was very controversial. In the last episode of Arrow, Felicity went full dark mode when helping HELIX. At the end of the episode, Felicity used a device to find Chase and then an explosion happened.

The episode opens up where last week’s episode left off, with an EMP going off in the bunker. Everything technical is fried including Felicity’s chip that allows her to walk. Curtis runs to the hideout to try to find Oliver, but discovers the issue. Oliver and Felicity continue to argue about not trusting one another. Oliver tries to go up the elevator shaft and ends up falling and gets impaled by a nail in his back. Curtis, Renee, Diggle, Dinah and Lyla attempt to free Oliver and Felicity. Curtis and Renee try to break through the titanium elevator, but fail and cause a fire. Meanwhile, Oliver lets Felicity try her option which results in methane gas being released. Oliver must then blow up a door to get free while risking setting off flames. Lyla has a T-sphere and Mr. Terrific uses it to get to Oliver and Felicity who almost die for the 1000th time. They move through an area over a vent fan. Diggle jumps onto a ladder and almost falls completely down. Oliver and Felicity, who is on his back, jump and are saved. Oliver revealed that he liked killing which Felicity says is not true. She forgives him for not telling her about William in season 4. 

In the Flashbacks we had tension between Oliver and Felicity who are in the bunker. They seem like they’re going to kiss several times. Then Felicity tries to do the salmon ladder and they ended up kissing and more.  Then she says that it doesn’t change anything.

Lyla and Diggle continue to have marital problems with trust. It all comes to an end when Dig realizes how morally compromising his life is and they make up.

At the end of the episode we see William, Oliver’s son, talk to Adrian Chase.

So the episode was highly Olicity-centric. Still, it wasn’t a bad episode. Sure it can be slightly annoying at some times, but it wasn’t bad and finally showed Felicity being sympathetic to Oliver’s secret about William. The main theme of the episode is trust. Oliver and Felicity have trust issues while Dig and Lyla struggle with that too. Lastly, Prometheus seems to be pulling out another part of his plan, William.

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