A Young Arthur Curry Potentially Cast In Aquaman.

Following a very detailed press release from Warner Brothers on the 3rd of May, announcing production locations and the main cast among other things, today, speculative news broke that child actor Otis Dhanji may be joining that cast in a (quite literally) small, but important role.

In a post that has now been deleted, Otis’ representatives submitted a request, via a post to IMDb’s Community Support, for him to get his own IMDb page. While the post has since been deleted, their request seems to have been granted, as 13-year old Otis now has his own IMDb page, featuring his very first credit – Young Arthur in Aquaman. 

As per Movieweb, the now deleted request also stated that Dhanji will be filming for 6 days, May 10, 11, 12, 15 and 23, along with a final shoot date on August 11.

If the dates are accurate, we can expect a formal studio/director confirmation on the casting in the coming days, as the first day is not far off.

Check out our coverage on the production announcement and a full gallery featuring the the cast of Aquaman here.

Source: Movieweb



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