Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2’s Hopeful Impact On Society

The Guardians of the Galaxy gained popularity with the movie’s success in 2014. Since then, people from across the world have been excited to see what the future held for the Guardians. Being that the franchise is so popular, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2 is guaranteed to be seen by people of all different backgrounds, and being a movie that focuses on family and relationships, I believe it is going to affect society, and in turn relationships, familial or otherwise.


The Guardians of the Galaxy did a great job establishing the characters, but GOTG2 really emphasizes the meaning of family in a way that is not shown in most movies.

Family is important, and as it is shown in the movie, your family are the people who you are the most comfortable with and will never leave you. They aren’t necessarily related to you through blood.

While The Guardians being a family was touched on toward the end of the last movie, it is strengthened in GOTG2. In the first movie, Groot was the protector of the group. He was the one who always wanted them to be together, and ultimately saved the team. However, in this movie he has regenerated, but not completely, for he is now a baby. This means that in the second movie instead of being the protector, he is the protected. Even though the Guardians have to save the Galaxy, again, this time they have to do it while basically taking care of a child. This shows the love they have for Groot and how each of them took the role of a parent in his life.

The relationship between Peter and his father is also shown in this movie, as it is the first time he has ever met him. I will not spoil it for those who haven’t seen the movie, but I will say that he was probably not the dad Peter pictured, and even though Ego was never in his life, Yondu has been. Although Yondu is not the father figure Peter wanted, they did care for one another which is further shown in the new movie. Before meeting the guardians, Yondu was the closest thing Peter had to family, and was definitely more of a father to him than Ego was, since he was present and kept Peter from being eaten.

Another relationship between those connected through blood, that is touched on in the new movie, is the sisterhood between Gamora and Nebula. Anyone with a sibling knows that as much as you love each other, you can really get on each other’s nerves. That is even more true with these sisters. Their whole lives, Gamora and Nebula were forced to fight each other, and over and over again Gamora won, creating a lot of friction between the two. However, they are still sisters, and now that they have both left that past, the question raised in the movie is will they overcome that?

I think it is very important for siblings to see that too, because if they can forgive each other after being pinned against each other for years, you can forgive your sibling for being dumb once in awhile.
There are family related disappointments that we know of in most of the guardians. Rocket never had a family because he was engineered alone in a lab, Drax’s family was murdered by Ronan, Gamora was abducted by Thanos and was raised as an assassin with her sister who she is rivals with, and before this movie Peter didn’t know who his father was and watched his mom die as a child before being taken by Yondu. Since all of them had family issues, having a makeshift family with each other is very important to them, even if they don’t know it.

Since so many people are going to watch this movie, I hope it affects society by showing people that family doesn’t have to be those who are genetically related to you, but are the people who genuinely love you and will never leave you. By people seeing this, maybe they will realize their true family and appreciate them more. Family can be anyone, and as it is shown in both Guardians of the Galaxy movies, they can be the people who you never expected would be there for you.

Written By: Danielle Gonzalez

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