Arrow 5×21 Honor Thy Fathers Review


Arrow is hitting the final three episodes of a very successful season 5. I’m sure every Arrow fan is excited to see the Prometheus storyline reach its climax.

The episode opens up with Oliver discovering a corpse that was sent to the Mayor’s office. Oliver prys it open to reveal the corpse of a man. The body has been dead for over 15 years. Dinah runs scans and discovers that Robert Queen’s DNA was under the body’s fingernail. Thea returns to see Oliver just in time for Dinah and Lance to tell them about it. Oliver goes after Chase in an old building belonging to his dad and ends up being rescued by Dinah and Curtis.

It’s revealed that the lawyer who represented the dead man also represented Justin Claybourne, Chase’s father. The lawyer gives Oliver something, a hard drive containing security footage of Robert killing a man by accidentally pushing him into some chemicals. Thea watches it when Oliver leaves to go fight Cody Rhodes’ character Derek Sampson.

After some motivation, Oliver puts on the suit and fights Chase while Team Arrow takes down Sampson. Oliver tells Chase that his dad didn’t want him since he was insane and this caused Chase to let himself be arrested. The episode ends with him smiling at a press conference on TV that Oliver is holding. 

In the flashbacks, we see Oliver go back to the island. He and Anatoly say goodbye as Anatoly reveals that he will bribe a boat to come save Oliver and that he gave Oliver something to explain his long hair. Oliver is preparing for his return home when Kovar hits him with a tranquilizer dart.

A very minor storyline of the episode is Wild Dog struggling with the fact that he doesn’t want to go to his daughter’s custody hearing. Lance tries and fails to convince him to go to the hearing. 

The theme of the episode is about fathers. Oliver, Thea and Chase struggle with their fathers not being who they believed they were. Renee struggles with possibly being a father again and we still don’t know how Oliver’s son is and what Chase did to him.

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