Quick to Hatch: First of Two Alien Covenant Sequels to be Filmed in the Next 14 Months

Looking back on the recent ancestry of the Alien franchise, 2012’s Prometheus created a new and well-received branch in its family tree. The film did so well that it spawned in the brilliant mind of Ridley Scott to film sequels, one of the three (and maybe more) Alien: Covenant, is set to be released in over a week, May 19th, 2017.

As of now, Scott says the sequel to Covenant is being written, and will be filming within the next 14 months.

Originally, Scott had planned for the films to continue deviating from the Alien franchise, but the intent of these films, especially given the title, is for them to lead directly into the original. It’s even been said the film that’s coming after Covenant will actually take place before it. All the timeline jumping seems pretty jarring, tangling up these stories like facehuggers in their eggs. It must be remembered, though, that another part of the plan for these films is to answer the unanswered in the Alien universe, which may require going back and forth. Given how many sequels we’ll be getting, I’m sure there’s more open ends to expect until a definitive end is reached at the original Alien film.

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Source: http://heroichollywood.com/ridley-scott-alien-covenant-sequel/


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