Scott Snyder’s Batman Tales Coming To An End, For Now.

After six years, Scott Snyder’s take on Batman seems to have an end in sight.

On May 9, in an interview with Newsarama‘s Vaneta Rogers, Snyder had this to say:

“So, yeah… after this arc with All-Star Batman, when I get to the story with Sean- which is the one I’ve been kind of waiting to do for three years or more- that to me very well might be the last Batman story that I do proper Batman for a while. It’s sort of a capstone to a lot of things I’ve been thinking about with him over the years.”

After the current arc of All-Star Batman, Snyder will have another arc to finish the series in the fall with Sean Murphy.

In the summer, fans will see Dark Days and Dark Nights: Metal. Dark Days features art by Jim Lee and John Romita Jr. while Dark Nights: Metal will reunite Snyder with Greg Capullo, who worked together on their run on New 52 Batman. However, nothing has been announced in regards to Snyder’s plans with Batman afterward.

While Snyder’s tales of the Dark Knight seem to be finite given his statement, he also said this would only be for a while. Snyder began his work with DC in 2011 when he wrote Detective Comics #871.

All-Star Batman #10 is available in stores now.

Check out the full interview with Newsarama here.

Raymond Vinuya

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