Gotham Renewed For Season 4!

Late summer/early spring has always been a tentative time for television fans. Fans wait and wait and wait until they hear news that their favorite show has been promised another year of life. Well, Gotham fans, wait no longer.

Amidst a current season of Bruce realizing his full potential, Jim conquering all odds, and even the return of Jerome, with the promise of The Riddler and Penguin going head to head while a tease of Bane has been dropped, it would have been a shame for Gotham to be cut short while it’s finally in a full-on sprint towards a full-fledged Dark Knight.



While the Batman-prequel has been impressing, the news of the renewal guarantees Fox will be the first TV station to simultaneously produce and distribute a live-action television series based on both DC and Marvel Comics adaptations.

2017-2018 TV season has already been solidified as being DOMINATED by superhero shows.

Source – EW

Gotham airs Mondays at 8/7c on FOX!

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