Guardians Of The Galaxy Volume 2 After Credit Scenes Explained! 

This article contains spoilers for Guardians of the Galaxy volume 2. We all were a bit shocked but excited as well when news surfaced of Guardians of the Galaxy volume 2 having 5 different after credit scenes. Well… here is a breakdown for those of you who may have been a bit confused or even didn’t sit through the entire credits to see them all.

1) Kraglin using Yondu’s arrow.

The first scene depicted Sean Gunn’s Kraglin using Yondu’s signature arrow, or for better part trying to use the arrow. At the end, after Yondu’s death, Kraglin is given the arrow from Starlord saying, “Yondu would have wanted you to have this.” Now ultimately the scene starts with Kraglin trying to use the arrow with what looks to be Yondu’s fin on his head. He whistles and whistles seeing the arrow barely fly off the ground, but then he lets out a much longer whistle and we see the arrow fly around the corner and stab Drax in the chest. Drax lets out a scream and then Kraglin slowly steps back and then runs the other way. Drax is ok, after all the arrow wasn’t going its normal velocity to go through walls or bodies like usual.

2) Stakar and his own band of misfits

The second scene we see Sylvester Stalone’s Stakar and many of the other different Ravager captains talking. He starts by saying something like, “we were finally brought together even with the death of Yondu, now lets go steal some shit.” This may not seem like a big spoiler to anyone, but in the original comics Stakar was much more important. In the comics, more precisely the Guardians of the Galaxy in 1975 Stakar was the leader of the team seen in the clip including Martinex(played by Michael Rosembaum) it’s cool to see this group come together even though they aren’t necessarily the Guardians we see in the modern comics or Film.

3)Ayesha and her creation

The last time we saw Ayesha was in the third after credit scene and she is scheming as to how to get revenge on the Guardians because of Rocket stealing some Quarnex batteries. One of the attendants walks into the room where we see Ayesha in a stare of rage staring off screen. The attendant says something like, “the high council will see you now,” to where Ayesha says something like, “they won’t be mad at me when I tell them of my creation, I shall name him Adam.” This was cool to hear as the character she is teasing is named Adam Warlock, a super powerful humanoid that was created to be more dominant than current humans. However with Ayesha creating Adam we could see her possibly playing villain against the Guardians in the confirmed third installment.

4) teenage Groot

Yes, Groot has an after credit scene in the new Guardians film, but instead of dancing adorably he is a sterotypical teenager. In this scene Starlord enters Groot’s room to find it covered in leaves and vines, courtesy of our new teenage Groot. Starlord yells at Groot saying he needs to clean his room and to stop playing his “mind numbing games,”  something similar that most of us have probably heard from our parents.

5) Stan Lee and the Watchers, again.

Stan Lee gets a second cameo in the film with the same group that he was seen with earlier in the film. When part of the group was returning to find the other part of the group, they had to time jump way too many times. When they were time jumping we get a brief glimpse at Stan Lee speaking to the Watchers, a cosmic security camera basically, but alive. The Watchers are seen exiting the area that they were talking to Stan Lee at when he replies with “but guys, don’t leave, I got plenty of more stories.” This cameo along with his previous cameo are references all the other cameos he has had in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

All the post credit scenes were very well done and add a bit to the story without making it a crazy long film, plus wha’ts a Marvel film without post credit scenes!

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