Moms: The Real Life Superheroes

The day of mothers has come upon us and we at Geek Motivation want to thank all the mothers in the world. Moms are very special to everyone and are superheroes in everyones eyes, or at least they are to us! Moms do everything without being told because they care about their family and more importantly about you.

Moms cook, clean, and care about you without wanting anything in return and that’s what makes moms truly special. Moms are even special to superheroes themselves like Superman and Batman. In Batman vs Superman, both of their moms are incredibly important to the two heroes. Batman who lost his mother and Superman who was raised by an adoptive mother have two very important mothers, but still love them very much despite the two’s problem.

My mom reminds me of Ripley from Alien as she is very loving like Ripley who found the little girl and took care of the little one. She is also just an all around bad mamba jamba because she will take up for her kids no matter what the odds are. When I asked the team who their mother reminds them of, Mike Guimond had this to say about his mother, “I’d say My mom is like Nora Allen in that she has inspired everything that I do. Much like Barry becoming a forensic scientist, she inspired me to go into filmmaking and storytelling overall after showing me Back To The Future when I was younger. She also has this angelic way about her in how loving and caring she is.”

James Howey had this to say about his mother “I’m always reminded of my mom when Superman talks to Martha Kent. Specifically with Diane Lane and Henry Cavill. They share similar values and whenever he seeks the comfort of  her I think of my mother. They both used to worry about their son physically when they were younger and always hopped he would make his way in the world.” Ernesto’s mom reminds him of Captain America’s mom, this is what he had to say, “She taught him to always get back up, no matter what. She was strong for him as a child, just like my mom was for me (and still is)” Danielle mentioned her mother reminds her of Mrs. Incredible! “Ok but Mrs.Incredible is a pretty INCREDIBLE supermom. Not only is she a mom first, always caring for her children throughout the movie, but she is a literal superhero with them and fights alongside them to show them what it means to be a real superhero. Saving the world while still putting your family first. My mom would totally be like that if she was a superhero”

Moms mean the world to us, and many of us wouldnt be where we are today without our mothers. I myself had a hard time my first year in college, but she motivated me to finish the year and to have summer as my break. Without her motivation I totally would have become an unmotivated bum. Without my mom I wouldn’t be where I am today with a great job and great friends. I love you mom, I don’t say it a lot but I really care about you and I really lucked out with the best mom in the world.

Happy mothers day to moms everywhere!

-the Geekmotivation team

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