Supergirl 2×21 Resist – Recap & Review

Warning: The following recap contains major spoilers for Supergirl Episode 21, Resist.

The episode opens with Lena waking up in Rhea’s ship. Rhea still tries convincing Lena that she belongs with her and is better than the people on Earth. As this happens, the Daxamites are invading National City and the DEO. Alex escapes and is saved by Supergirl.

Rhea and Mon-El speak about her plan to turn Earth into Daxam. She then tells him that she wants to follow Daxam traditions, including arranged marriages, revealing that she wants Mon-El to marry Lena Luthor.

Supergirl, Guardian, Alex, Maggie, Winn, and Martian Manhunter meet up at their usual bar, where they try to configure a plan, until Lena’s mother, Lillian Luthor, approaches them. She offers to work together in order to take down a common enemy, but the team rejects her.

Rhea and the president speak, as the president tells Rhea to stand down. The conversation gets heated until Cat Grant comes in and settles the conversation down. Rhea refuses to settle or compromise with them, and has her forces attack their plane. Supergirl is able to save Cat Grant, and while she is under the impression that the president has died, it is revealed that she is an alien.

Supergirl brings the president and Cat Grant back to the bar. Cat Grant talks about how she met the president and reveals to the team that she is an alien. The president makes Alex the acting director of the DEO, and gives them the orders to destroy the Daxamite’s head ship.

Rhea speaks to Mon-El and Lena and tells them she is forcing them to get married with a real ceremony, or she will destroy the Luthor’s children’s hospital. They then agree to the terms.

Supergirl is torn between destroying the ship and trying to save Mon-El and Lena. She has a conversation with Cat Grant about what she should do, who ultimately urges her to go save Lena and Mon-El. Supergirl then flies away and meets with Lillian seeking help to get onto the ship. Together with the DEO, they come up with a plan to use a piece of Kryptonian technology to transport themselves onto the ship.

While Mon-El and Lena begin their ceremony, Winn and Cat Grant attempt their plan to distract Rhea and the Daxamites. Supergirl makes it aboard the ship with Cyborg Superman and Lillian Luthor. Just as Rhea is about to finish the wedding process, Cat Grant’s distraction goes live in the form of a live video of herself giving the world an inspirational speech. Rhea gives orders to have Cat Grant killed while Lena and Mon-El attempt to escape. Supergirl, Lillian and Cyborg Superman meet up with Lena and Mon-El, but Lillian leaves Supergirl and Mon-El on the ship, telling Alex to fire the weapon since everybody is safe.

Supergirl reveals that she still has a way off the ship, but gives it to Mon-El so she can try having Rhea surrender rather than die. Guardian saves Cat and Winn, while Alex is caught between destroying the ship and waiting for Supergirl. As Alex gets closer to destroying the ship, the weapon is destroyed and Superman comes and punches Supergirl, ending the episode.

This episode was a good one, and of course moved very fast. There were a lot of decisions to be made, and that drove the plot and theme of the episode. It must be noted that this episode pushed a liberal set of values more than the show usually does, as Cat Grant mentioned the president being a democrat and name-dropping a conservative figure in regards to surviving.  Whether that is good or bad is dependent on the viewer, but either way should be noted. In the end, this episode was better than most and wasted no time with anything that didn’t push the story forward. This set up what will be a very intense finale.

Supergirl airs Monday nights on The CW, at 8/7 Central.


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