The Flash 3×22 Infantino Street Review


The Flash season 3 is almost over and now it comes time for Barry to try and stop the self proclaimed God of Speed, Savitar. The second half of the season has all been about saving Iris West from dying at the hands of Savitar. In the previous episode, Tracy Brand made a device that could stop Savitar if it got enough power. 

The episode opens up with the members of Team Flash preparing to stop Savitar 24 hours before Iris dies. Cisco finds out that ARGUS has a power source from the Dominators that could be used to power the speed bazooka, but Lyla refuses to give it to Barry. Barry decides to steal it, but can’t phase through or use his powers in ARGUS as they have precautions against speedsters. Barry time travels to Siberia, in the early 1890’s and recruits Snart to come help steal the device. Killer Frost and Evil Barry talk about what he is doing while Evil Barry remembers going to Snart for help. Barry and Snart go to ARGUS while the West family goes to Earth 2 for protection with Harry. They do not tell Barry where Iris is to keep her safe from Savitar. While Iris and Joe spend time on Earth 2, Barry and Snart sneak into ARGUS. They visit the highly contained cells of Gorilla Grodd, Cheetah and Cupid. They see the tech through a window, but KING SHARK is guarding it. Barry is about to go full on dark mode and kill King Shark, but he doesn’t and Snart uses a device to make him sleep. Snart breaks the fourth wall when he mentions how in Jaws, they never show the shark since they couldn’t afford to make him look good which is slightly referring to how King Shark is hidden in the fog created by Snart’s device. When they take the device, the doors close with Barry on the outside and Snart trapped with King Shark. Cisco saves Snart by closing the door on King Shark’s hand, chopping it off. He regrows it and Barry and Snart are caught. Lyla gives Barry the tech to power the bazooka. Then Barry returns to Star Labs and asks where Iris is.  HR blabs out that she is on Earth 2 and then Barry turns around…. ITS SAVITAR BARRY! He goes to earth 2, breaks Wally’s leg and steals Iris. The whole team is ready to take down Savitar. HR is angry at himself for blabbing and Cisco gives him a pep talk. He then vibes Caitlin and goes to face off against her in the forest. He gets knocked down, but doesn’t get his arms frozen off yet. Barry uses the cannon on Savitar but he uses the philosopher’s stone to stop it. Savitar kills Iris as Barry runs to her, not fast enough to save her. During this scene we see Iris’ video to Barry on his phone where she says her vows. Iris dies in Barry’s arms. 

So what an episode. Apart from the return of two cool bad guys, we saw Harry again. Oh and Savitar killed Iris. The next episode has little information out about it. There is definitely a big twist that the writers want to keep a secret. Overall the episode’s intensity level SKYROCKETS when Savitar Barry kidnaps Iris. 

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