Arrow 5×22 Missing Review


Arrow has been phenomenal this season and we are heading into the final two episodes of the season. The Prometheus storyline is coming to an end and is going to be extremely difficult to disappoint. In the last episode, Oliver took down Chase and put him in prison. However, we all know Chase is 10 steps ahead of Oliver and we know he has met William.

The episode begins with Oliver, Thea and Lance talking about their victory over Chase. Lance reveals that it is Oliver’s birthday. Oliver goes to Felicity’s apartment and they throw him a surprise birthday party. Well Renee and Dinah aren’t there. Oliver’s cake is from Lord Mesa’s bakery. Curtis goes to Dinah’s apartment and discovers a broken glass. He goes into her house and gets knocked out while on the phone with Felicity. Oliver puts Thea and Laurel in a safety house, but someone comes to attack them. Black Siren and Evelyn Sharp kidnap them. Oliver tells Felicity and Diggle to leave the state and they try, but Talia and the League kidnaps them. Merlyn enters the bunker and offers to help Oliver. Chase is being moved and Oliver receives a video phone call that reveals William trapped. Once Chase gets on the helicopter it’s all over for Oliver’s friends and family. Merlyn helps him and Oliver helps Chase get free. Oliver recruits Nyssa to help which conflicts with Merlyn. Oliver is able to discover where Chase is going…. Lian Yu. Oliver recruits a new member for his team….. SLADE WILSON AKA DEATHSTROKE.

In the flashbacks, Kovar tortures Oliver by making him almost kill himself. Oliver is able to withstand this.

Wow, what an episode! The beginning may make you feel scared if you’re not a fan of Olicity, but the end just gives you goosebumps. Josh Segarra continues to kill it as Prometheus. He is 50 steps ahead of Oliver and seems unbeatable. Seeing Oliver team up with SLADE is going to be amazing and I cannot wait for the next episode which is the finale! If you don’t know, the cake that Oliver receives for his birthday is a design from Lord Mesa’s bakery. Lord Mesa is one of Arrow’s biggest fans. She posts tons of amazing art on her account and the show did a nice job referencing that.

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