Black Panther Synopsis Revealed!

The synopsis for Black Panther has finally been revealed. Unlike most origin stories that are mostly about the main character alone, Black Panther’s movie will involve a team up with other characters, CIA agent Everett K. Ross and Wakanada’s special forces, Dora Milaje. A synopsis was released earlier this year, but it didn’t give us much details about what was going to happen in the movie. This synopsis dives more into what is going to happen in the movie.

Official Synopsis:  “After the events of Marvel’s Captain America: Civil War, King T’Challa returns home to the reclusive, technologically advanced African nation of Wakanda to serve as his country’s new leader. However, T’Challa soon finds that he is challenged for the throne from factions within his own country. When two foes conspire to destroy Wakanda, the hero known as Black Panther must team up with C.I.A. agent Everett K. Ross and members of the Dora Milaje, Wakanadan special forces, to prevent Wakanda from being dragged into a world war.”

It seems like T’Challa is going to be pulled in different directions as he tries to decide what’s best for his country and how to stop this new threat. The character arc we will probably see from this story is T’Challa mourning over the death of his father while trying to hold his country together and stop people from overthrowing the throne.

I am very excited for this movie and even though we have the official synopsis I’m wondering how the movie is going to go. I’m wondering how they’re going to do the team up between Everett and T’Challa, considering the events of Captain America: Civil War. I also wonder who are the factions fighting for the throne going to be? We’ve already heard that Michael B. Jordan’s Erik Killmonger might be the main villain in the end, but we won’t officially know until we see the movie.

Are you planning on going to see this movie, if so, what are you most excited for from this movie?

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