Blood, Violence, Action! Director Ruben Fleischer To Helm Venom Solo Film

With the news that Tom Hardy will be playing Eddie Brock/Venom in the solo film due out next year came some even more exciting news! Ruben Fleischer, director of films such as Zombieland and 30 Minutes or Less, and producer on Gangster Squad, will be directing the first in Sony’s own cinematic universe of R-Rated Spider-Man spin-offs.


When we first saw Venom on screen, the director behind it was Sam Raimi in the third film of the first Spider-Man franchise, Spider-Man 3. Unfortunately, the film suffered by being bogged down by too many villains and subplots in general. As for Eddie Brock himself, the way he was written, actor chosen, and acting itself was quite a departure from the buff and brooding character plagued by darkness seen in the comics and furthermore wasn’t that well-received by audiences.


Luckily, the team behind the solo film, for the most part, is entirely different, not to mention the focus is solely on one character and how he interacts with the world around him as the monster he’s become. Ruben Fleischer is definitely a welcome addition to the creative vision behind Venom. He’s most famous for Zombieland, a film about a rag-tag group of survivors in the midst of a zombie apocalypse. Although emphasizing on dark comedy, Zombieland has all the blood and gore that flows through survival by any means necessary. In the comics, when the symbiote is bonded to Brock and his rage, it grows a bloodlust to survive, and if Zombieland has shown us anything, it’s that Fleischer can visually achieve that, thereby achieving an R-rating. Gangster Squad, a more serious R-rated film that Fleischer was a producer on, dealt with a certain type of heroism in a conflict against mobsters and corruption. Despite his bloodlust, Venom is ultimately an antihero when he’s not up against Spidey, and that’s likely what this film will focus on. With all this in mind, I have high hopes for Ruben Fleischer, and so should everyone else!

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