A Quick Look At The Alien Franchise

Alien (1979)


A masterpiece of horror and sci-fi. The film follows the crew of the Nostromo and their encounter with the terrifying creature called the Xenomorph. The film revolutionized the role women play in horror with the breakout role of Sigourney Weaver as Ripley. The film is a must watch for a horror or sci-fi fanboys.

Aliens (1986)


This film is one of the greatest sequels in cinema history. It honored the legacy of the first film, but built its own as one of the greatest action films ever. Ripley finds herself up against the dread Xenomorph again, only this time they have taken over an entire colony. The film features action sequences between marines and an iconic face-off with Ripley and the Xenomorph queen.

Alien 3 (1992)


The third installment of the franchise is about Ripley once again being a lone survivor, but in a prison this time filled convicted murders and rapists. A Xenomorph arrives and the whole prison is now in mayhem over the arrival of the monster. Ripley must again lead the charge to defeat the alien menace that takes a little different form in this film.

Alien: Resurrection (1997)


This film takes place 200 years after the last alien film with a cloned Ripley that has been mixed with the Xenomorph creatures making her a near super-human weapon. A military operation plans to use her and the creatures as weapons until the aliens escape and cause chaos on a ship. This was unfortunately a low point for the franchise.

Alien vs. Predator series (2004-2007)


This brought two of the most iconic movie monsters together, but for many fans was a disappointment. The first film isn’t terrible, but ultimately didn’t measure up to either the Alien or Predator franchise. The second film is a piece of garbage and no one should ever see it.

Prometheus (2012)


This film gave a different look into the alien universe. The film follows an expedition to find the Engineers who could have possibly been responsible for the creation of man. A lot of fans were disappointed by the lack of Xenomorphs in the film even the film for some was solid. This ultimately led the Ridley Scott looking to get back to the franchises roots with Alien: Covenant.

Written by: James Howey

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