Uncharted Live Action Film Casts Tom Holland As Young Nathan Drake

Tom Holland, who is known for portraying Spider-Man in the MCU, will play Nathan Drake in the upcoming live action adaptation of the critically acclaimed video game series Uncharted.

The Uncharted movie will take heavy inspiration from the third installment in the video game series, Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception. To be exact, the film will be based on the flashback sequence in Drake’s Deception that reveals how a young Drake first crossed paths with Victor “Sully” Sullivan: Drake’s father figure and mentor, who trains him in the “art” of seeking a fortune through hunting ancient treasures around the world.

While there will certainly be some division among series fans as to whether Holland will make a suitable Nathan Drake or not, they will undoubtedly be happy that the movie has finally gained some traction. Many were beginning to wonder if the film would ever come to cancellation, but it seems Holland will be providing the motivation for Sony to kick things into gear. Sony is looking for a new writer (after Joe Carnahan’s script has been dropped) to pen the young Nathan Drake’s story as he grows into the charismatic thief that we all know and love. Shawn Levy (Stranger Things, Real Steel) is still on board to direct the film.

The Uncharted movie is currently without a release date.

Source: Deadline

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