Gotham 3×19 All Will Be Judged Review


Gotham is finishing up its third season and will soon be setting up season 4. This season has focused on the Court of Owls and Monsters escaping from Indian Hill. In last week’s episode Oswald aka the Penguin was captured by the Court and is now trapped with his frenemy Edward Nygma aka the Riddler, The Court sending Barnes after Jim and Bruce returning to Gotham.

The episode focuses on several main storylines, Oswald and Nygma in prison, Bruce and his role with the old man, Jim vs Barnes and Leslie dealing with Mario’s death….. in more ways than one. 

Oswald and Nygma are in cages adjacent to each other. Oswald tries to use a foil to break out, but fails. Nygma hits Oswald with a dart, but Oswald makes enough noise to cause guards to catch and beat up Ed. Then, Oswald and Nygma propose a plan to escape. It includes a 6 hour grace period so they don’t murder each other right away. The plan starts when Nygma pretends to slit Oswald’s throat, but it is just jello. Oswald beats the guard and frees Ed. 

Cat attacks a fake Bruce at Wayne Manor and gets knocked out by a weapon. Alfred figures out that there is a fake Bruce and gets knocked out as well. Alfred asks Selina for help, but she declines him which leads to Alfred comparing her to her mother. Bruce is with the old man in a mansion and he fails to complete his final step. The old man shows him one of his memories. It involves him killing a member of the Court for ordering the murder of the Waynes. Alfred goes to Jim for help. Bruce finishes his final step by locking his mom’s pearls away. The old man reveals that he wants to mold Bruce’s mind and that he is basically becoming a mindless Talon.

Meanwhile, Jim and Bullock investigate a safe house for the Court and discover a crystal owl that when light is shone through it, shows a map of Gotham. Barnes breaks in and kidnaps Jim. Barnes is about to kill Jim, but Jim asks for his badge to buy time for the GCPD to save him. Alfred and Jim talk about the crystal owl. The strike force catches Kathryn and Alfred stabs her hand when interrogating her. Then, Barnes comes to the GCPD and decapitates Kathryn. He then loses his arm to Jim by a shotgun. Meanwhile Lee sees Mario in a hallucination and visits Mad Hatter in prison. She then steals the sample of the virus and injects herself with it.

This was a very solid episode of Gotham. The Court looked weak in the episode with two captives escaping and one of their big members being murdered. Gotham has three more episodes left, with two being a two hour long finale special! 

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