At World’s End (2007) Review


  1. They did not do a good job with the explanation of Barbossa’s resurrection. Tia Dalma says that he was dead already and Jack is in a place of hell. There is magic involved in it, but it was skipped.
  2. During the mutiny/agreement with Sao Fang, Barbossa, Elizabeth, and Will, it felt awkward when Will said, “They’re pirates.” With two movies, I think it would be alright if Elizabeth went Sao Fang. It did not hurt the movie in any way for me, but it felt off.
  3. The pacing was felt slow after Singapore, and it did not pick up until the Brethren Court scene. Everything in between was a bore.


  1. My favorite part of the whole movie is the fight between Davy and Jack. The only thing I wish would have happened was making it more focused on them or making it longer.
  2. It was a short line but Elizabeth said, “This is madness.” Jack’s responded, “This is politics.” I just enjoy it.
  3. The standoff scene was also pretty good. It happened right before they released Calypso. The music choice and the view of the sandbar was absolutely perfect.
  4. I also liked the general story of this one: Love and the tough choices that have to be made. I feel as if people nowadays think of love as this cotton candy sweet tasting thing when, in fact, it is not all sweet and fun. Sweet and fun is like taking a walk on the beach or something that just gives you a short burst of happiness.
  5. Davy Jones was also given some more character depth; however, this Davy Jones was not as cruel like Dead Man’s Chest. He was more broken and torn.


The third installment of the Pirates franchise was seen as the worst one ever…at least until the fourth came out.  Will Turner, Elizabeth Swann, Barbossa, Gibbs, and the rest of the remaining crew are in Singapore, a place that had been mentioned several times within the previous movies, asking Captain Sao Fang (Yun-Fat Chow) for another ship and crew to rescue Sparrow from Davy Jones’ locker. The British force is also in Singapore with an undercover man in Sao Fangs hideout and ambush both Sao Fang’s and Barbossa’s crew; the first fight finally ends with an agreement that was made with Sao and Will, but kept secret until Sao Fang captures Jack and others.


Jack Sparrow is seen in the locker of Davy Jones. The Pearl is on land, but, with the help of a million crabs, it moves towards the ocean. The crew members have wrestled the blistering cold and have fallen off the world’s end. They go through the locker and see the lost souls that Jones has not taken care of. Jack realizes that to escape this place they need to turn the ship upside-down or how he says it, “Up is down”.

Barbossa convinces Jack to go to the Brethren Court. This court has only been held once which was when Calypso was to be put in bonds. At Shipwreck Cove, we are also introduced to Captain Teague (Keith Richards), Jack’s father. Elizabeth is crowned king of the court and now holds all of the power and say for the final fight scene against Davy Jones and the British armada. When the Flying Dutchman captured and took control of Fang’s ship, Fang was hit with ship debris and was killed seconds later. While in the brig, Elizabeth meets Bootstrap, Will’s father, who is now literally a part of the ship. Admiral Norrington, reinstated and promoted at the end of Dead Man’s Chest, sacrifices himself to save Elizabeth and her crew.

Davy Jones is still forced to adhere to Cutler Beckett and Mercer (David Schofield) at this point, but he does kill Mercer before Will stabs his heart with the help of Jack. Calypso, it seems, makes the fight between the Dutchman and the Pearl a lot harder with the rain whirl pool. The pirates win and they say their goodbyes to Elizabeth who will also be saying her goodbye to Will. Jack is again without the Pearl and Gibbs leaves with Jack’s old girls. Barbossa and the crew go out to look for the Fountain of Youth, but Jack was smart enough to take the map with him. This is the last time, for now, we will see the other characters like Ragetti, Pintel, Marty and some others as they are said to be dead in the fourth installment.

End Credits:

It’s been ten years since Will Turner stabbed the heart of Davy Jones. We hear a child sing the song Elizabeth sang in her dream in the beginning of The Curse of the Black Pearl. Elizabeth and her child look for Will’s return to land. He appears looking like he did when he left Elizabeth for the first time, and, unlike Jones, he has no tentacles.


7.0/10, B-, 3/5 GM

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