The Flash 3×23 Finish Line Review


We’ve made it to the end of this season of The Flash and things are certainly coming to an end. Savitar’s master plan is about to cause problems for Team Flash and there are sure to be things that change the world forever.

Last week’s episode ended with Iris West dying and Cisco facing off against Caitlin Snow aka Killer Frost. 

The episode starts with Team Flash dealing with Iris’ death. Joe falls over and cries while HR runs up to Joe. Then Iris opens her eyes and starts breathing heavily and says “B.A.” She then uses the face trans modifier…. it is HR. The HR on the roof where Joe is uses the device to reveal… Iris. Then HR dies in Barry’s arms while Tracy looks on heartbroken. A Flashback reveals that HR uses the Arm belonging to Savitar’s suit to find his lair. He then switched places with Iris while the real Iris was spared as she looked like HR. Savitar took the speed bazooka with him to where Caitlin is about to kill Vibe. He then remembers…. Iris is still alive and now he needs Cisco’s help. He will now be erased from history when the paradox catches up to him, but he wants to transmit himself across time so that he could be everyone at once. Julian returns and has a cure for Caitlin. Barry visits Savitar and he tries to get through to him. They bring Harry, Earth 2 Wells to help Tracy. Then Evil Barry spends time in STAR Labs and leaves to go get Cisco and Caitlin. Meanwhile, the philosopher stones blows up Star Labs. Killer Frost is about to kill Caitlin when Gypsy saves him. Savitar opens a breach and is waiting for the speed force to attack. Black Flash runs out and Killer Frost defeats him. Savitar is about to become all powerful, but Jay Garrick runs out of the speed force and knocks him out. Jay, Wally, Barry, Cisco and Gypsy fight Savitar and Killer Frost. Cisco gives Caitlin the cure for her to use. Savitar is about to kill Cisco when Caitlin knocks him forward. Barry then fights Savitar and phases through his suit. He almost kills Savitar but looks away while Evil Barry gets up. Iris saves Barry from his evil counterpart who is erased from history. HR has his funeral where everyone says their piece. Caitlin visits and says she is no longer Caitlin or Killer Frost. While Barry is chilling at home a bunch of speed force lighting strikes the land. It is because of the lack of a person in the speed force trap and this causes Barry to sacrifice himself for the world. 

Wow, this was an amazing finale. From the return of Harry, Jay, and the Black Flash, who Savitar calls by his name to the reveal of HR sacrificing himself for Iris. As for season 4, Barry is stuck in the speed force, Wally is the Flash, Iris has to move on, etc. Central City no longer has The Flash but Kid Flash will take up the mantle. During the episode there are two references I caught. Cisco calls Evil Barry Two-Face as he looks like Two-Face and Evil Barry mentions Deveo. Abra Kadabra also mentioned his name. Deveo is the name of The Thinker, a comic book villain from the Golden Age. Could he be the SEASON 4 Villain?

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