Patty Jenkins Says There Will Be No Deleted Scenes In Wonder Woman

It’s all or nothing for Patty Jenkins and her film, Wonder Woman. In an interview with Collider, Jenkins revealed that Wonder Woman has not deleted or changed the order of any scenes from the film’s script.

Her exact words were this, “We didn’t cut one scene in this movie nor did we change the order of one scene in this movie from the script that we went in shooting with.”


Jenkins, who has one feature film under her belt, Monster, is not unfamiliar with using every part of the script in her film. According to Collider, Monster also had no deleted scenes, and went on to win several awards. Jenkins also addressed rumors that had gone around during production that the project was “a mess.” She had this to say, “It’s the opposite, it is so steady, it’s been so even keel and steady.” She then went on to also say, “I’ve been fucking dying to show the movie as a result.”

Jenkins sounds confident the film will be received well. Although critics have withheld their reviews thus far, early reactions on social media have given Wonder Woman a warm reception. As fans remember, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice had a theatrical cut and a director’s cut, which added scenes to the theatrical version of the film. The director’s cut was then given higher praise than the theatrical cut by many due to the misunderstandings of the plot it addressed. With this in mind, fans should look forward to seeing how Wonder Woman tells its story without any supplemental scenes, and if its theatrical cut will be enough to tell a cohesive, enticing story that will make the movie a success.

Wonder Woman releases in theaters on June 2.

You can check out Collider’s full interview with Jenkins here.

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