Gotham 3×20 Pretty Hate Machine Review


Season 3 of Gotham has been a hit and season 4 is confirmed to be happening. After this episode they are having a two part finale. I am super excited for it!

The episode opens up with the old man who trained Bruce talking to the Court of Owls. The man asks Bruce to give an order, but Bruce hesitates. The man gives the order to kill the members of the Court in the same room as them. Jim and the GCPD go to the place where the Court was massacred and are given info by one of the members who is barely breathing. Jim goes to see Lee who he believes has been infected with the virus. She says the virus has brought out her love for him and she knocks him out. She buries him in a coffin with a radio. Hugo Strange gives the old man and Bruce a trigger for the bomb that will spread the virus. The old man gives Bruce the trigger and says that he will press it and become a dark hero. Then, Alfred and Bullock go to the secret Court safe house where they find Bruce. Bruce and the old man leave as Alfred sees Bruce for who he has become while training with the old man. Lee shows up at the GCPD and reveals that Jim is in the coffin with a radio and a vial of the virus. Bullock finds out where Jim is, but can’t get to him in time as he uses the virus to escape. Alfred holds Hugo Strange off a roof by his tie and find out where the bomb is going to go off and when it will be. The entire GCPD has to evacuate the train station in front of Wayne Enterprises where Bruce is ready to set off the bomb. Alfred arrives to stop Bruce, but the old man presses the button while he is shot by Alfred. He tells Bruce to search out the demon’s head. Jim isn’t able to disarm the bomb and IT EXPLODES. 

Ed, Tabitha, Barbara and Butch are planning for their attack on Oswald. Barbara and Tabitha are continuing to have trust issues. Penguin is with Ivy and Cat in the safe house. Cat escapes, but gets knocked out by Tabitha. Oswald tricks Ed and escapes with Ivy. Selina promises to find Bridget for the Nygma side in exchange for cash and Ivy’s safety. Ed finds Oswald in a safe house inside a greenhouse. He wants Oswald to call him The Riddler before he dies. Fish appears and takes Oswald away. 

This was an epic episode of Gotham. From Bullock trying to save Jim and Gotham to the bad guys fighting each other. Ras Al Ghul is Bruce’s next step in becoming Batman. The old man referenced him when he said to search for the demon’s head. Next week is the 2 hour finale! I couldn’t be more excited!

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