Not-So-Beyond Repair?Mjolnir Appearing To Return In Infinity War

Last we saw Mjolnir, alongside a baffled Thor, we witnessed it be obliterated by the sinister Hela, the main antagonist of Thor: Ragnarok. Oddly enough, though, a post on the Instagram of the Russo Brothers, directors of Captain America films The Winter Soldier and Civil War as well as the upcoming Avengers: Infinity War, shows Thor’s famous hammer perfectly intact:


A post shared by The Russo Brothers (@therussobrothers) on May 30, 2017 at 7:14am PDT


The picture shows Joe Russo, directing as he does surrounded by a slew of crew members, and behind him standing a priest wielding Mjolnir. They are filming at the Durham Cathedral in England, after all, so the priest may not even be in what they are filming, but rather the location may be Asgardian in nature for story purposes.

One of the proposed theories, though, is that Doctor Strange will be turning back time for Thor to retrieve Mjolnir. My theory is that the Infinity Gauntlet will be used somehow to both bring it back and give someone besides Thor the power to wield it. That, or it will be drained of its power, and those powers will be given to Thanos.

What are your thoughts? Let us know!

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