The Flash Season 4: Top 5 Questions That Need To Be Answered.

WARNING SPOILERS FOR The Flash season 3!

The Flash season 3 has concluded, and just as the two previous seasons, has ended on a cliff hanger. However, unlike season 1’s cliffhanger of the singularity, and season 2’s cliffhanger of Flash point, season 3 left off on a big event that has already happened, and how characters are going to be changed is the big cliffhanger for season 4.


So at the end of 3×23, Barry went into the speed force for the foreseeable future. Here are five questions that need to be answered heading into season 4 of The Flash.

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How is Wally gonna step up from Kid Flash to The Flash.

Wally West has gone from the unknown son of Joe West in season 2, to Kid Flash in season 3 of The Flash. With Barry gone, Wally is gonna have to step up and be the main Flash of Central City. Will he get a new suit, such as the red one from the comics, or will he still use his yellow suit? Jay Garrick may stick around to help him learn how to use his powers better. Wally will be a different Flash compared to Barry, he is younger, inexperienced, confident and reminds us of a season 1 Barry. The struggles he goes through when fighting crime and super villains is sure to be reminiscent of season 1. It will be interesting to see Team Flash interact with Wally, especially Iris and Joe as they are dealing with Barry’s absence and another member of their family being the Flash. Unfortunately, we won’t see HR, who was Wally’s biggest believer, interact with Wally as the Flash.

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Who is Caitlin going to be now?

After turning on Savitar to save Cisco, Caitlin Snow appeared at HR’s funeral to say goodbye to Team Flash. She said that she needs time to figure out who she is, not Caitlin Snow, but not Killer Frost. Caitlin has full control of her powers, but isn’t consumed by the evil that is Killer Frost. She has emotions and shows off her human side. She may no longer be Caitlin Snow, brilliant scientist who is afraid of her powers and paranoid of the effects they will have, or Killer Frost, evil super villain who is willing to kill her friends and talks in a deeper voice. Caitlin is still gonna be a prominent character on the show but since she is no longer evil or the lovable doctor/scientist, what is her role? Will she help team flash as a vigilante? Will she revert back to her old ways?

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Who is the Season 4 bad guy?

After three main bad guys who were speedsters, season 4 is probably having a non speedster baddie. Many people have suspected the Rogues, Gorilla Grodd, Cobalt Blue, or Abra Kadabra as the main villain(s) of the season. I think that the show has already revealed who the main bad guy is going to be. In 3×18, Abra Kadabra talks about other flash villains “Thawne, Zoom, DaVoe, none of them hurt you like Savitar.” You can view that in this video at 2:02. In 3×23 evil Barry says that “this is where we came up with the cerebral inhibitor to use against DaVoe.” You can view that in this video at 0:15. DaVoe is clearly a future villain that Barry faces and uses a cerebral inhibitor to defeat him. In the comics, Clifford DaVoe is The Thinker. When Abra Kadabra mentioned villains that Barry has faced he mentions the three speedsters and DaVoe. DaVoe clearly seems like a big enemy for Barry in the future. Whoever the bad guy is, it will be challenging to make him seem like a big bad guy for Team Flash who has dealt with Reverse Flash, Zoom and Savitar.

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How will they explain Barry’s disappearance?

In case you have forgotten, Barry still works as a forensic scientist for Central City Police Department. There has to be some explanation as to why Barry is no longer around. Iris may out Barry’s identity as she doesn’t believe he is coming back. This may be why the flash museum is created. Maybe, Iris and Joe lie about Barry being killed. Then Barry would effectively be dead to the outside world and when he eventually returns from the speed force, he would be unable to leave STAR Labs. This is something that could be explained quickly but not easily. What if, Iris writes the news article that we saw in 2024 now and changes it up as Flash vanishes in crisis and lightning storms clear.

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How and when does Barry escape the speed force?

There is a really low chance that Barry is stuck in the speed force for all of season 4. He will get out of the speed force early and probably before the 4 part crossover. I would not be surprised if Iris pulls Barry out of the speed force. If Barry does escape there is a good chance the speed force will need a new servant. Who would that be? A time remnant? A new villain? Will it need a new villain?

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