FELLAS THIS ONE IS FOR US (no girls allowed except my sister but only because mom said so)

As most of us DUDES know, DC is planning on releasing its upcoming GIRL led film called “Wonder Woman.” Now guys listen. We can’t let this male genocide occur in Hollywood anymore. We need to stand up and say “hey…what about us guys??”
That is why I am PROUD of what Lebanon has done. That’s right BROS Lebanon has gone right ahead and banned all screenings of “Blunder Woman” (lol get it? *high fives a bro and chugs a brew*)
Let me be the first to say great work Lebanon! Now this movie won’t make billions of dollars worldwide and show a strong character that allows young girls to grow up believing they, too, can be a hero.

I can’t believe DC would even try a female lead after starting a universe led by MEN that are doing better than any movie ever has!

I’m GLAD I don’t have a girlfriend that will drag me to this movie. I mean. Just look at those ratings…

….okay well. Those critics are biased.

Look listen, this article was hard to write due to me having the complete opposite views. Also. I do very much so have a girlfriend. Her name is Sam and she likes me.
Twitter: @deadpoolsbutt

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