The Next And Final Day to Live, Die And Repeat: Concluding The Edge Of Tomorrow Franchise

I’ve said many times (pun intended) that the type of fictional stories I geek out over the most are those involving time travel. Edge of Tomorrow has to be a favorite time travel film of mine in recent years, and after hearing about the upcoming sequel, I was ecstatic! Sadly, though, the following film in the franchise will bring the story to a close.

On the bright side, recent developments in the film’s plot keep my excitement on what seems to be an endless loop anticipating the sequel’s release. Director of the film Doug Liman says a third main character will be part of the story alongside Tom Cruise’s Bill Cage and Emily Blunt’s Rita Vrataski and describes the sequel as simultaneously “a prequel”. This has me yearning to re-watch the film (which I own, that’s how much I love it) and to discover what exactly this means in terms of sci-fi aspects we’ve already seen.

Liman was on the MTV HSC Podcast for his latest release, The Wall, and discussed Edge of Tomorrow‘s sequel, saying it will be “smaller” than the original with much less action and more focus on characters, especially the additional character who will “for sure steal the movie”. It was interesting to see the foundation of a situation established and to wonder how differently it will play out it the story to come. Maybe we’ll get an even better understanding of how time travel works in the world of the film. After all, and Liman mentions this himself, “it doesn’t pick up right where we left off”:

SPOILER ALERT for the end of Edge of Tomorrow

Cage awakens much sooner than he does when the loop usually comes full circle after supposedly sacrificing himself to destroy the Omega. However, his mission is still accomplished even though he was reset one last time. At this point, Vrataski still doesn’t know who he is. Hence, why there is so much wonder as to where the sequel will go. No matter what, I’m excited for it!

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