The Flash Season 4’s Main Villain Will Be The Thinker

The Flash has just wrapped its season 3 and it is time to think about season 4. One of the main questions about every new season is who is the main villain? Season 1,2, and 3 featured speedsters as the main villains. That is about to change. According to CBR, The Thinker will be the main villain for season 4. Clifford DeVoe aka The Thinker  is a Jay Garrick villain who uses a metal hat called the “Thinking Cap” to project mental force. He is telekinetic and mind control.

Quick SPOILERS for The Flash season 3.

In 3×18 Abra Kadabra told Barry Allen, “There have been others, Thawne, Zoom, DeVoe…” He mentions the three speedsters who Barry has already faced and DeVoe. DeVoe must be significant and he is the only one of those bad guys we haven’t seen. In 3×23 Savitar said, “this is where we came up with the cerebral inhibitor to stop DeVoe… you haven’t gotten there yet.” If the timeline stays similar and Barry does use a cerebral inhibitor to stop DeVeo, The Flash just spoiled us. What is a cerebral inhibitor? Cisco creates the cerebral inhibitor to wipe Barry’s memory so that they could stop Savitar. It wiped his long term memories.

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