Scarecrow For Gotham Season 4?

Warning: This article contains spoilers for The Flash Season 3.

Today marks the season 3 finale of FOX’s Gotham. The Batman prequel stars Ben Mckenzie (Jim Gordon), who sits alongside David Mazouz (Bruce Wayne) and Camren Bincondova (Selena Kyle), as they discuss what is to come in the Season 3 finale and in Season 4. The discussion takes place during a 4 minute and 58 second video that was posted earlier today on the DC Entertainment  Youtube channel.

Around the 1 minute 24 second mark, Ben Mckenzie is asked which Batman villian he would like to see come to the show in the 4th season. His response? Scarecrow.

In his own words, Ben states, “It would be nice if the Scarecrow showed up.”

Obviously, this answer is not written in stone, but as we all know, actors love to tease. One example of a DC TV series that teased the following season’s villain is none other than the CW’s The Flash. During its season finale, The Flash saw Savitar (Barry Allen) talk to the Flash (Barry Allen) as he reminisced about fights between the Flash and a few of his rogues. Specifically, Savitar named The Thinker, Clifford Devoe, who was just recently named The Flash’s season 4 main villain.

More than just a name drop by Detective Jim Gordon lends credibility to this claim; the title of the video. What exactly is it? GOTHAM: Scarecrow Coming in Season 4? Heh. But we here at Geek Motivation think that the video’s title and McKenzie’s mention of the Scarecrow are more than just a hopeful wish. The Scarecrow would most definitely be a welcome addition to other main villains such as Penguin and The Riddler. What do you think? Let us know in the comments below!


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