Wonder Woman’s General Antiope Confirmed To Return In Justice League

While Wonder Woman is dominating the box office, it’s clear that everyone can’t wait for Diana and her fellow Amazons to return in Justice League.

We already know that  Connie Nielsen will reprise her role as Queen Hippolyta. It is now confirmed that Robin Wright will return as General Antiope in the upcoming film.

In an interview with the LA Times, when asked if fans will eventually see more of the relationship between Hyppolyta and Diana, the three actresses responded:

Gadot: Of course, the mother and daughter relationship is always a beautiful but complex relationship. I think that there’s a lot more to explore.

Nielsen: And [Wright and I] got to do more in Justice League as well. As sisters as well. Kind of badass as well. We can’t say much, but…

Wright: And more of the story, you get some of the history.

SPOILERS for Wonder Woman:

Antiope’s death near the beginning of Wonder Woman means she’ll most likely be appearing in a flashback scene. If you look at Justice League’s most recent trailer, there’s a huge battle involving the Amazonian army facing off against a horde of enemies. Seems like that battle scene (which could also be a nice way to introduce us to a handful of Atlanteans) is where these characters will show up again.

Months after the events of Batman v Superman and inspired by Superman’s sacrifice for humanity, Bruce Wayne and Diana Prince assemble a team of metahumans consisting of Barry Allen, Arthur Curry, and Victor Stone to face the catastrophic threat of Steppenwolf and his army of Parademons who are on the hunt for three Mother Boxes on Earth.

Justice League is scheduled to release in November 17.

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