Armie Hammer Teased As Shazam In The DCEU By Dwayne Johnson. 

Armie Hammer has teased us on twitter and facebook about playing Hal Jordan in the DCEU. However, there have been some discussions that he would be playing another hero. A while back Dwayne the Rock Johnson, who plays Black Adam, said,

“I’m gonna throw one name out here and I wanna see how the fans are gonna react to this…. A guy who I met, and after I met him I was like, Man that guy’s such a cool guy, he’s a lot bigger than I thought he would be…. And when I walked away I remember telling our producer, who I’ve worked with for a long time, Hiram Garcia, we both looked at each other and were like, ‘Possibly Shazam?’ I’m not even gonna tell you his name, I’m just gonna say Lone Ranger.”

Hammer played the Lone Ranger in the movie of the same name. Hammer told Cinemablend in response to this,

“So Dwayne said that thing and literally blew up my social media, I couldn’t even open my Instagram … I thought my phone was gonna melt… but other than that no one’s said anything…. Yeah … I’m keeping my options open.”

So is Armie Hammer going to play Adult Billy Batson aka Shazam? Only time will tell.


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