Dave Franco A Potential Nightwing? 

As we know, Nightwing is a solo project in the DCEU and while there is no official casting, Dave Franco has provided another option on a casting for the iconic Dick Grayson.

Dave Franco was able to attend cinema con in order to promote the Lego Ninajago Movie in which Dave is set to provide the voice for the main character of the film Lloyd Garmadon. During an interview he expressed much enthusiasm about wishing to be involved with other projects most notably in the DCEU. As Franco was asked on whether he’d be willing to make the jump to a character as Nightwing, Franco responded, “Absolutely. Again, it is one of these things that they can literally go to anybody, but I’m here if they want me.” Despite the fact that Dave Franco has mostly been associated with many comedies, Franco has also shown that he can definitely take on more than just comedy with his appearance in Now You See Me 1 & 2 and also with the film Nerve. That being said, It would be really interesting to see Franco expand his range and provide his interpretation of Nightwing. While Nightwing is not known for his comedic antics, it is notable that he has more positivity than his mentor, which is something Franco can definitely provide to the character of Nightwing. 

Before Franco’s statement on Nightwing, during the interview many asked whether or not he would return to voice Edward Nygma in the upcoming season of Young Justice. As much as we would like to see The Riddler come again in season 3 of Young Justice Dave Franco only stated that, “No one is knocking at my door, but you tell them and I am there.” While it is nice to see Dave’s enthusiasm to reprise his role, Franco’s statement does not make the re-appearance of The Riddler seem too likely; especially with the fact we have mostly seen Darkseid and Apokolips set up for season 3.

Regardless of what Dave Franco does in his career, we can hope that maybe we are a step closer to casting an important character in the DCEU. 




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