The Defenders #1 Review

Marvel played it smart by starting this new rendition of the superhero team up by using all of the characters that are featured in Netflix’s Defenders show that is coming out this year. This comic serves as a way to sustain the hype behind these characters while also introducing newcomers to the relationships that are built when these characters unite. 

Basic Plot

Daredevil, Iron Fist, Jessica Jones, and Luke Cage all encounter a common enemy. This enemy is too much for any of them to fight individually, but together, they realize that they can conquer this foe before he or she knows what’s coming! 


David Marquez uses his art in this comic to capture each character’s unique traits. The change in tints and color schemes between characters really brings the feel of diversity in their personalities! Daredevil’s red tint gives a more dark and gritty tone to his scenes, while the purple tint for Jessica Jones creates the feel of a noir detective drama. 


One of the things I love most about Brian Michael Bendis as a writer is his urge to get to the point. He doesn’t waste any time at all in this comic! His writing puts these heroes right into the action! He establishes well thought relationships and interactions between these characters that all have their own unique twist. All of these characters are easily recognizable from the Netflix shows, but Bendis also avoids simply copying and pasting the formula that we have all already seen. Although Bendis uses his great skill of character development in this comic, the actual content of his story is quite underwhelming for the everyday comic book reader. While I found the action to be entertaining, the story from this comic felt very generic. The basic motive for the heroes to come together wasn’t really out of the ordinary. Nothing really hooked me in to read the next issue. 


The first issue of Defenders is a great read for fans of the Netflix shows who are starting out and want to know more about these heroes. Sadly, there’s not much to see for those of you who read comics regularly. 


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