A How-To Guide To Bring All Marvel Characters Together

Before this article even starts, I want to say this: I know this convergence of properties will most likely never happen, but I sure hope it does.

I’m sure there are many other ways that every character could join the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but this seems like the best option as things stand right now. It is my hope, however, that the executives at the three different Marvel-owning companies can come together to form one epic Marvel Cinematic Universe. Now, let’s get to the good stuff.

To start us off, let’s talk about 20th Century Fox’s Marvel characters. This is the most important part of this dream. It would all start with a Fantastic Four sequel, where the entire cast returns and continues their research of different universes. Their research comes to a halt, however, when they are forced to team up with the X-Men to fight Galactus, who, like he’s supposed to do, threatens to devour their world.

When the Fantastic Family realizes there is no way to defeat Galactus, they begin using science to find alternative dimensions to escape to. This would be when they stumble upon the MCU’s Earth, and their saving grace. Immediately, they contact Charles Xavier. Professor X sends the X-Men far and wide to gather as many people from across the X-Men globe as possible to get them through the portal to the MCU’s Earth, while the Fantastic Four, with a handful of X-Men, try to fend off Galactus’ final assault on Earth. And in comes the Silver Surfer to save the day.

Unfortunately, I don’t think the Silver Surfer would be able to live through, as I imagine that he would make the ultimate sacrifice for the people of Earth. As the final few people jump through the dimensional portal, flames engulf the surrounding area. Professor X lets the Fantastic Family through the portal, but the portal becomes unstable. It flickers at random intervals, and Charles can’t seem to roll his wheelchair through. The Silver Surfer, almost out of nowhere, swoops down and tosses him through to the X-Men’s new home, but the portal closes for good before the Silver Surfer is able to get through himself.

On the other side, hundreds of thousands are crowding the streets of New York as a space shuttle is seen taking off over the city’s skyline. Professor X is caught by Deadpool, who pokes fun at his original debut in Wolverine: Origins, saying something like, “Aren’t you glad they made me right this time, Chucky?”

Spiderman swings down, and Deadpool drops the Professor. “Oh my God! It’s Tom Holland! Hi Tom!” Deadpool exclaims as Spidey stands in front of all the X-Men. He calls Tony Stark, and Daredevil shows up on the outskirts, forcing his way through to Spiderman.

The next thing we know, helicarriers swarm overhead, and the entire crowd looks up in awe. The scene flips to Tony Stark in his Iron Man suit while he pilots the space shuttle seen earlier. He tells Spiderman to “deal with it,” showing his faith in Peter’s capabilities, but Peter is completely unaware of what’s going on.

Yet another space shuttle is seen, but this time, it’s coming towards Earth, and it hovers over the crowd. From the loading ramp drops the Guardians of the Galaxy, who continues to add to the confusion swirling around young Peter.

Finally, Cap shows up with his team of Avengers, and takes control of the situation from Spiderman. Cap pulls Peter away from the crowd, and says that his team was in contact with Tony, and that’s how they found out what was going on, leading fans to suspect that the two have been in communication with one another. The movie will end with the Guardians telling Cap about the threat of Thanos, after Starlord stops freaking out over meeting Captain America. Cap tells the huge crowd they will figure out how to aid them, and that they will be able to stay on this Earth, safe from Galactus. The X-Men and Fantastic Four offer their help in defeating Thanos, as a thank you for taking them all in.

As for Sony’s Spiderman characters, we really only need Sony to change their minds about the Venom-verse. If they don’t do that, than the next best thing would be for Thanos, at the end of Avengers: Infinity War, to rip open another portal, through which all the Spiderman villains pour out of. Doing this would allow for so many more villains and problems for the Defenders and other Netflix characters to deal with.

As for my personal dream movie, a Venom versus Carnage film could take place, where the symbiote of Carnage comes to Earth in the MCU while the Avengers return after their final battle with Thanos. That entire storyline, however, is another idea for another time.

I know what you’re all probably thinking: how does that affect all the X-Men films? We all know there’s a lot of confusion of the X-Men universe’s continuity, but my belief would be that the last event that would happen within the X-Men universe would either be the events of the ending of Days of Future Past, or Deadpool 2. I choose those simply because I personally am unsure of the chronological order of where those things fall. Most likely, it would be set after Deadpool 2.

That leads to another problem; where is Wolverine and X-23? Well, an adjustment would be simple. Vibranium already exists in the MCU, so that could be the replacement of Adamantium that would create X-23. The same actors for all those different characters of Logan could be used as the X-Men are studied, and an organization could try to recreate their mutations. And Wolverine. How could we forget about him? We don’t. A simple cameo by Hugh Jackman would be all that is needed, where he refuses to help save the world from Galactus, if Jackman doesn’t want to resurrect his role. If he does want to wear the claws one last time, he could most certainly aid the Silver Surfer in delaying Galactus’ assault to let everyone through, and make one last heroic final stand.

A last realization is that Michael B. Jordan is both Johnny Storm and Killmonger in the upcoming Black Panther movie, but dealing with that issue would be simple, too. The two could either be doppelgangers, which would make for an interesting meeting between Johnny Storm and T’Challa, or Killmonger could be killed off in Black Panther, opening up an avenue for a different character to take over as Killmonger. Come to think of it, either way there would be a weird, and possibly humorous relationship between T’Challa and Johnny. (Sorry I didn’t state that sooner. I had it in my notes to mention but skipped over it by mistake.)

To be honest, I’m not entirely sure if this type of explanation as to how everyone got to the MCU would work. I’ve been thinking about it for a while; since probably 2015 after Fant4stc flopped. Events have moved too far along for everything to line up as I had once hoped. However, if this were to be implemented, 20th Century Fox would be able to make as many prequels as they wanted, taking place in whatever decade they wished. Sony could do the same with their new Venom-verse too, just so long as by the point in which all the characters are transferred to the MCU is not passed. It’s basically a win-win-win! Fans would be happy, studios could retain their characters, and everyone would officially be placed within the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

I truly want to write a script for a Fant4stic sequel and see where and how I could make this work by the time all these new movies have been released. If I ever find time between school and work and other projects I will most definitely share it with all you Marvel fans once it is completed. In the meantime, let us know what your thoughts are on this type of coming-together of all the different Marvel properties in the comments below!

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