GM Recommended Reading: Grayson

To those seeking a reading experience full of adventure, emotion, and beautiful art, Grayson is the series to go to. Spanning twenty issues with three annual issues and a one-shot, Grayson takes readers into the life of Dick Grayson, super-spy. Written by Tim Seeley and Tom King, and penciled by Mikel Janin, the writing style and artistic taste give this series a groovy sensation. In an interview with DC Entertainment, Mark Doyle describes this series in one word, “sexy.”

With the world believing Dick Grayson has died,  Batman sends Dick on a mission to infiltrate the secret organization known as Spyral. Run by the mysterious Mister Minos, Spyral has begun collecting Paragon organs, which are organs containing DNA of the Justice League, and plan to use them to reveal the identities of the world’s heroes. It is Grayson’s, or as he is known to Spyral, Agent 37’s job to find out why. While the story takes many turns, it also introduces readers to characters old and new, including Helena Bertinelli, Midnighter, and The Tiger.


Tom King, who is currently the writer of Batman, and Tim Seeley, the current writer of Nightwing, write this story focusing on the character development of Dick Grayson. Taking Grayson outside of his normal setting and putting him in a scenario completely unique to the character allows them to focus on his character development. However, the story does not fall short. The plot of the book stays true to the spy genre, including action, wit, charm, but most of all, deeply developed characters that readers become attached to. In summation, King and Seeley outdo themselves by writing a book that makes readers care for its characters, while following a mysterious plot which resolves perfectly in the end.

Penciler Mikel Janin, who worked on Justice League Dark, creates a sense of euphoria and gives readers a groovy sensation while viewing the book. He draws his characters to have chiseled jaw lines, and amazing physiques. While this book could be published in black and white and still look visually stunning, the color palette elevates the art to capture the vibrant, euphoric feeling one would feel when watching a spy film.


Grayson captures the pure essence of Dick Grayson while telling a charming, witty story of a super-spy and his mission. Full of twists and turns, this book will leave readers satisfied at its end, while also giving its audience a sense of ecstasy in its art.

This book rates: 8.5/10

Raymond Vinuya

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