Wonder Woman: Steve Trevor #1 Review

The Wonder Woman characters you know and love are now starring in one of DC’s newest issues! Wonder Woman: Steve Trevor #1, written by Tim Seely and illustrated by Christian Duce Fernandez, provides more action and adventure, not just for Diana, but for Steve and his friends who are anything but ordinary. If you enjoyed him and his gang’s antics on the big screen, you’ll definitely enjoy this new comic!

Here is a spoiler-free review of the first issue in this promising new story.

Layer 0

The Plot

In the light hearted and action packed first few pages of the issue we are introduced to Steve Rockwell Trevor as the narrator and protagonist of the story. He’s found himself in hostage situation in which he puts up a good fight, but ultimately Wonder Woman swoops in to save the day. After their short banter, he reveals that he must cancel his date night with her to leave on a mission for a few days. (She saves your butt and this is how you repay her?)

The mission seems fairly straightforward for him and the group he calls The Oddfellows which consists of Charlie the sniper, Sameer the con man, and Chief the smuggler-hunter. However, the implications of the discovery made on this mission are much more complicated than they first appear.


The Art

The best thing about this comic is the art. Christian Duce does a beautiful job at making the story come to life through his vivid colors, exceptional detail, and appealing style. What makes his panels all the more interesting are the clues he drops that foreshadow future events so you might want to keep your eyes peeled for this one. You’ll be left wondering about the creepy looking children (you’ll know when you see them) and the events that occur in the last page, but from the looks of this first issue, our questions will be answered in due time.


The Writing

Tim Seely has worked on over 100 DC comics and it shows through his wonderful job in portraying the dynamics between Steve and his friends of the The Oddfellows. These characters have their jokes and quirks that make the story all the more entertaining. Although very little is known about the characters themselves, other than what we know from the movie, there seems to be room to elaborate on their past since the focus of this series seems to be on them and their relationship with Steve.

Seely also provides us more on Steve Trevor’s ideology and conflicting emotions of taking back Diana from her home. His inner thoughts add an interesting side to Steve’s character. He is no longer the hot-shot spy who radiates confidence, but the insecure man who loves a woman and simply wants what’s best for her. (I hope to see more of these inner struggles and how he handles them in future issues!)

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