What Happened To Barbara Kean In Gotham’s Season 3 Finale?


Gotham Season 3 ended with several cliffhangers for several characters. The Riddler was left enclosed in ice. The Penguin is building his Iceberg Lounge. Butch is revealed to be Cyrus Gold aka Solomon Grundy. Selina was taken under the wing by Tabitha. One of the surprising cliffhangers was what happened to Barbara Kean. She fought with Tabitha after killing Butch. Tabitha managed to kill her by shocking her…. or did she kill her?

Barbara is probably not dead even if she was electrocuted, no one stays dead in Gotham, except Bruce’s parents. She has been a staple of Gotham since season 1. She went from the whiny fiancée of Jim Gordon to Arkham inmate to a major player in Gotham’s underworld. I think that she could become Harley Quinn. The show has shown us versions of other Batman villains: Jerome was the Joker, Penguin, Riddler, Ivy Pepper is Poison Ivy, etc. Barbara is insane just like Harley Quinn is and they kinda look similar… you know the blonde hair. Also executive producer John Stephens told tv guide that “We may see (Harley) in Episode 22.” He is referring to the Gotham Season 3 Finale! We didn’t see a clear Harley Quinn reference although this is where my theory comes into place. What if the electroshock damaged Barbara’s brain even more and she is now even more insane? She would surely cause a lot of mayhem!

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