New Kid-Friendly Fantastic Four In The Works

A new Fantastic Four is in the works. After the failed reboot of 2015, 21st Century Fox is creating a kid friendly film. According to Bleeding Cool, who broke the story, the film is centered around the children of Reed Richards and Sue Storm, Franklin and Valeria. Appearing alongside the siblings will supposedly be The Thing and the Human Torch.

In the comics, Franklin and Valeria are known as Psi-Lord and Marvel Girl. Franklin has been gifted with the ability to warp time as well as create whatever he wants out of thin air. Valeria has a multitude of powers, namely the creation of a force field and a form of time travel they refer to as “time dancing.” The duo have showed up in groups such as Fantastic Four and Future Foundation, as well as other super-teams on their own.

The script is currently being written by Seth Grahame-Smith, and no director has yet been tied to the project. It is completely speculation as to whether the film will be a reboot or a sequel, so characters have yet to be cast. As with casting, a release date for the new project has not been announced at this time. Be sure to check back for more news in the coming weeks!

Sources: Bleeding Cool, We’ve Got It Covered

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